Our Story


It's hard to believe, given our penchant for all things salt + sand, ('zimzala' meaning someone who finds peace with the sand between their toes) but it was actually our friendship forged in the Canadian wilderness that led to the creation of Zimzala Swim.

We're Georgia + Kendall and while we grew up on opposite sides of Australia, travelling brought us together. A few adventures around the globe later - mostly in swimwear of course - and we thought it was time to create something of our own.

We felt there was a real lack of diversity in the current swimwear market for the girl who wanted to feel comfortable, while being able to move freely in her swimwear.  A certain wardrobe malfunction in the surf may have definitely had something to do with this, so we created Zimzala Swim to feel like a second skin, without exposing too much. We hope you love it as much as we do! We also hope it encourages you to get out there + explore more.

Along with all things adventure, another thing we're incredibly passionate about is our love of nature and the ocean. We've been very lucky to travel the world, but we've also seen firsthand the devastation in some parts, especially the ocean. It's really important to us to be environmentally conscious + responsible, so we use ECONYL® fabric in all of our swimwear, which is made from 100% regenerated waste materials. 

Thanks for visiting, stay salty!

-Georgia + Kendall x